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Alpha Xray CB Club-2022-ALPHA-XRAY
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HOW AX Members Secure Register Login WORKS on

When you JOIN AX on Fb just message 43AX05 with your reason to get an AX number and Location also what radio callsign you usually use, to see if we can match it for your AX Number.

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CB Radio Live Stream from Melbourne Victoria Australia 43Div

CB RADIO Channel #35 LSB – #38 LSB LIVE AUDIO FEED 24/7 from Melbourne Australia CB DXCC DIV43 by 43AX05

Alpha-Xray Number Fives Shack
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AX05 Worked the weekend on ROS 2015 April 25 & 26

ROS Official Weekend DX contest on 27.365 mhz USB. AX05 Worked this 2015 April 25 & 26 weekend on ROS, and with a bit of help from Dave Combat Wombat 43DR001 I was able to get my Cobra and mic with Audio input plug wired into Turner SSK and adjusted to correct setting for good tones to be TX’d. The cabling into the Fujitsu C series LifeBook I bought as new for $45 with XP ran the ROS program at 50% CPU resources so cruised through the day. Part of an email to Dave from John commented on him receiving…

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ROS WEEKEND 27 Mhz April 24 2015 at 00:01 UTC until Apr 26 at 23:59.

DIPLOMA II ROS WEEKEND-CB 27 Mhz by European ROS Club   In order to acquaint newcomers and continue to demonstrate the veterans utility, easy handling and operation of ROS mode, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, invites amateurs in the world, ROS Weekend, CB-27 a weekend Exclusive week so those interested can try the ROS mode and share experiences. 1. Date, from the day April 24 at 00:01 UTC until 26 at 23:59. 2. Call: CQ, CQ, ROS WEEKEND. 3. The certificate may be requested by any amateur or SWL. 4. For the DIPLOMA be needed 5 contacts. 5. The diploma…

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New AX Forums created today

Not sure how many different radio and car forums I have created over the years building websites, some well trafficked and others hacked, some not. I have put this CB Radio one up because as this Alpha Xray CB Radio Club site is new in 2015, I thought maybe any AX CB radio Club members could use it to their advantage. Probably a forlorn hope but we will see over the coming years when the CB Radio 27MHz DX dissipates and this is a great way to keep in contact.

AX CB Radio Club -AXIS
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Alpha Xray CB Radio Responsive Website Rebuild

The Latest Responsive Website rebuild for the AX CB Radio Club will give CB radio Operators the opportunity to monitor the website from their mobile phones or tablets with the website reformatting to suit the browser in use. This will also mean the view on a normal PC or Laptop will be optimised to take advantage of the total screen area so the website presents in the best possible way. We are constantly improving the AX CB radio website to present the the latest advances in technology to aid Alpaha Xray CB Radio operators to stay in touch with other…