CB CHAT LOG LISTING VIEWER for CQDX11.com & .net & AlphaXray.info

earth CB 11 Metre DX Communications

This CB Radio CHAT Log Viewer will go back to 2013, the year created.

This will let you recall any information you require from your previous CB Chats on CQDX11. com  – CQDX11.net or AlphaXray.info which all combine in this CB Chat system FREE Courtesy of CQDX11 & AX005 GREG the WEBMASTER

To use this CB CHAT Log Viewer :-

  1. CLICK the CHANNEL BOX and SELECT # ID ( CB_Radio_Shack is DEFAULT # )
  2. CLICK the YEAR BOX & SELECT (2013 / 2014 / 2015 ONLY)
  3. CLICK Month & Day if you want to be more accurate and reduce the load-up time.
  4. CLICK the small Screwdriver & Spanner ICON at BOTTOM to make screen larger.

This is the complete database of the CB CHAT LOG back to 2013. May initially display your last input to Chat.

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