I get the Internal Server Error

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      Hi Roy,

      Yes I am getting many “Internal Server Errors” so I am setting up new hosting on a local Aussie sever away from Godaddy.com.

      Not sure why the captcha problems -never have a issue with it as long as you type exactly as shown.

      You might want to give me your Facebook name so I can register you as AX with FB so you can just login easy with your FB details.

      You cant beat a good ground plane of metal all around under a mobile whip for best signal- the DX skip conditions certainly help as well!LOL.

      Skip is booming across OZ at moment as well!

      Regards, Greg

      On 8/12/2016 7:01 AM, AX1125 Roy wrote:
      > Hello Greg!
      > been trying to log onto the site.. tried 3 browers and a couple different networks… ( company proxy server on and off and from home network)
      > I get two reactions
      > 1. the Capcha just recycles and clears the log in with no error… then I get locked out
      > 2. I get the Internal Server Error
      > any suggestions?
      > the DX really started to crack open yesterday here in North America… and today it was crackling.. and still was at lunch time
      > ( am still only on Mobile )
      > I have a VW Jetta TDi and park in a garage at work… so was stuck with mag mount K30 – finely tuned to flat 1s except 1:2 at 40 and 1:1.3 on ch# 1
      > was on my truck.. could not seem to get a contact even local.. and when I did said it was weaker than expected
      > today I parked ont the roof of the garage
      > moved the K30 to midlde of my roof – recalibrate the SWR and BOOM… I hit georgia south coast US with a rock solid contact for the first time
      > barefoot on Bearcat 980 brand new out of the box ~1200 km

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