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        > Hey mate hope all is good down there and survived this bloody heat. We had 42 on Sunday and Monday arvo we had one of the worst storms I’ve seen in S E QLD for a very long time.
        > I keep an eye out for the weather down south as I come from from the ADELAIDE HILLS
        > so I see what they get and then you get..LOL
        > As for the mags I still haven’t got them yet there in GYMPIE with a friend and she hasn’t been down this way, however the youngest daughter gets married end of next month and she will bring them then. Hooray.
        > Besides my COBRA 2000GTL which I have just about finished restoring, I’ve picked up a BROWNING GOLDEN EAGLE MK 4. I got here in OZ but have yet to go thru.
        > I’ve also picked up a couple of OZ UNIDEN GRANT XL for $200 in total including freight
        > I’ve now got a Pace Desoldering soldering station a PPS101 I got from Victoria complete with all attachments and books etc 240v version. It’s old but has not seen very much work at all. Pace make the best systems going. Then just recently this year I picked up another Pace unit a MBT200 with attachments again from Victoria . I’ve had to reorganise my soldering area which I just finished building a 3 shelf unit that houses both the Pace units a 240-110 v power supply for some USA items. And all the other soldering items and a 3 drawer tool chest I made.
        > I’ve just been so busy however repairing UHF handhelds I haven’t had time to do my own radios.
        > I also built a power supply 80amp 12v 24v and variable for the bench.
        > Also a variable psu 270v variac and isolation transformer mounted in an old mini tower pc. It has gauges on top in handmade acrylic housing and the front has power outlet plus switches that allow variac only use plus isolation only plus both combined variac thru isolation. Very handy for tube radios and other items you want to bring the power up slowly or have suspicions about. The whole unit has been covered in carbon fibre vinyl.
        > I’m going to buy a SIRIO 827 I think. I looked at building my own but I don’t have time.
        > I had a STATION MASTER years ago so I think I’ll try something different.
        > I still want to build a modified quad which is rectangular not square, and I really want to do a double 4 element side by side. But that will take a large tower.
        > Any way take care Greg talk soon.
        > Kind regards
        > Peter NEWMAN

        Hi Pete,

        Thanks for the great heads up on your cb action, pun intended!

        Wow I envy you the de-soldering stations as I desperately need one soon as I have setup a comprehensive repair bench I thought until I heard about yours!

        Just got a Cobra 200GTL which was one of the only radios I still wanted for the sum of $250 which also included a great speaker so very happy about that. Glad to know yours is progressing also.
        The BROWNING GOLDEN EAGLE MK 4. is a great cb and I never have worried about one as they are so heavy to get from USA so you were lucky to get it in oz.

        I have also been doing a bit with power supplies and yours sounds awesome! Would love to see photos on all this and a plug for your radio business on the AlphaXray.info website.

        Cant comment on the vertical antennas but the quad sounds awesome.

        Pete, all the best to you and family for the coming year, regards, Greg

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