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    This is another link to YouTube for Mark
    He is another nice guy who shares info and when you get to see what he is doing with the COBRA 2000GTL Frequency counter and channel selector this at present has dual vfo and will be brilliant when he gets design final and starts selling kits.

    • Hey Pete thanks for the links – I will check them out soon. Thats what this club is all about – sharing good info and having fun on the CB when the dx is in – hopefully soon as I just heard George 3E1 booming in…

    • Hey Pete, just watching these now and I dont have a Cobra, BUT I DO HAVE A CPI CP2000! WhoHoo – VERY Helpfull !!

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    Hello all, this link will take you to MikesRadioRepair on you tube. Mike is probably the best radio technician posting on YouTube, he explains what is happening, what he is doing and how he does it.
    This video is about Cobra 2000gtl frequency counter/clock repair and gives some secrets and tips.
    He will quite often…[Read more]

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    • Hi Peter, see you have logged in, thanks very much, have a go at putting up some posts on what you are doing as in your emails to me as I am sure others would be interested. Welcome to the AX CB Club AXIS.