FOUND;- The guy that outbid you on that CB on ebay!


This is SHELF #1 at YETICOM CB RADIO MUSEUM in New Zealand!!


I dont know how many more shelves of CB Radios he has, but I would not be surprised if it is close to Twenty!

With CPI BC2000 Bases, Stoner Pro 40’s, TRAM’s of all models, Computerised Robyn’s SBE’s and ARF 2000’s majority in working order, this collection is WorldClass!

Had noticed the name over the years but had never been to his website before, and it is absolutely amazing the vast number of rare and top quality CB radios that he has in this collection.

I have seen some USA collections that have many cb radios but none of this quantity & quality! AND he has THREE ARF 2000’S!! Is that awesome or what.

I urge you to go check out his complete collection on the website: [CLICK HERE]-

Yeticom shelf-one

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