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        CHAT at bottom of pages or here:-
        (17:44:11) ChatBot: CB-Op(973303) logs into the Chat.
        (17:44:38) ChatBot: CB-Op(973303) is now known as CB-Op(AX05).
        (17:45:38) CB-Op(AX05): :help::help: COLD ? – Try 8 degrees celcius :important: LOL
        (17:51:18) CB-Op(Ax240): Yeh We Are getting It Out Here Too
        (17:54:10) CB-Op(Ax240): Back To Work On Sunday Dayshift, Not Looking Forward To It After 2 Weeks Leave.:(
        (17:55:18) CB-Op(AX05): LOL – I recon so, it must have been a good holiday in paradise
        (17:55:53) CB-Op(AX05): must admit i like the cold more than the heat
        (17:56:32) CB-Op(Ax240): Good Alright Mate Anywhere On The Coast Is Better Than Mount Isa
        (17:57:09) CB-Op(AX05): Never been there and prob wont – thanks for the likes on the new
        (17:57:29) CB-Op(AX05): I changed the name as I could not get the orig name
        (17:57:48) CB-Op(AX05): as a proper name that makes sense
        (17:59:01) CB-Op(AX05): surprised you are getting such cold weather I might move up there if its not so hot -LOL
        (17:59:12) CB-Op(Ax240): Good Thing putting it on Facebook .should Hopefully Get some More Members
        (18:00:05) CB-Op(Ax240): Good For A holiday And Warm Up Lol
        (18:00:06) CB-Op(AX05): yeah thought it would be good to have a facebook site dedicated to CB as many seem to be getting on it at last
        (18:01:39) CB-Op(Ax240): Yeh Alot People Now Use Faceebook To Keep In Contact.
        (18:02:36) CB-Op(AX05): yes it seems so – you hear many talking about facebook on cb now where as a year ago it was not as popular
        (18:04:26) ChatBot: CB-Op(785966) logs into the Chat.
        (18:04:33) ChatBot: CB-Op(800183) logs into the Chat.
        (18:05:36) CB-Op(Ax240): Yes It Took Me A While To Get On It But I Have Caught Up With A Lot Of Relatives and friends That I haven’t seen For Years
        (18:07:19) CB-Op(Ax240): Warm Weather Coming Next Week I Hope. Just Looking At Bom yesterday.
        (18:07:50) CB-Op(AX05): Yeah its goood for that. I am not sure about the type of page I have created – unsure on LIKES & FRIENDS differences – can you go to the page and try to put some info about your self & AX club?
        (18:08:43) CB-Op(AX05): I know about websites but no FB
        (18:10:00) CB-Op(AX05): did you see we have a couple of new members?
        (18:10:18) CB-Op(Ax240): I will Have A Look tomorrow . I am not That Good At Writing
        (18:10:54) CB-Op(AX05): thanks – anything is good to create content
        (18:11:21) CB-Op(Ax240): New members Good Mate. Will Have To Catch Up With Them.
        (18:11:58) CB-Op(AX05): Yes AX055 Peter in QLD & AX308 Joe VIC
        (18:12:53) CB-Op(Ax240): I Have Talked To Joe A Few Weeks Ago
        (18:13:53) CB-Op(Ax240): I Talked To Him In The afternoon Good Dx
        (18:13:58) CB-Op(AX05): Really – on #3 ?? how do you like my new Madison 4th gen – it works awesome after tune up.
        (18:14:55) CB-Op(Ax240): It Was On Ch 16 , I Love The Madison
        (18:15:27) CB-Op(Ax240): I won’t One:D
        (18:15:39) CB-Op(AX05): ok – that was good was he using AX?
        (18:16:14) CB-Op(AX05): not getting mine!!>:-D
        (18:16:17) CB-Op(Ax240): No Just 308 At That Time
        (18:16:54) CB-Op(AX05): ok – just asked geoff AX67 to come up on here but he had to go to dinner
        (18:16:59) CB-Op(Ax240): Keeping A Look Outbut
        (18:17:26) CB-Op(AX05): yes i was lucky to take a chance on this one
        (18:17:42) CB-Op(AX05): Super Bengal MK 3 is the same
        (18:18:13) CB-Op(Ax240): Everything We Buy Is A Risk
        (18:18:51) CB-Op(Ax240): Haven’t seen A Bengal I Think
        (18:19:03) CB-Op(AX05): talking to 69 Geelong he has one he may sell – its MINT 2 spkrs
        (18:19:58) CB-Op(Ax240): Can You Get A Picture
        (18:20:31) CB-Op(AX05): he is non computer literate so prob not no mobile even
        (18:21:22) CB-Op(Ax240): I will Try The Internet For A picture
        (18:21:36) CB-Op(AX05): has invited me in to see it but rarely go into glong there
        (18:22:21) CB-Op(AX05): exactly same as madison i belive just name change
        (18:22:42) CB-Op(Ax240): I Like The Old Base Stations
        (18:23:12) CB-Op(AX05): yeah me too!:-)
        (18:24:36) CB-Op(Ax240): My Galaxy don’t Like Cold Weather Takes All Day To Warm Up Unless I Return It.too Much Drift
        (18:24:36) CB-Op(AX05): Out of all mine I just got a report on the madison from Ken Albatross 390 who is super picky that it is the best he has heard me
        (18:25:32) CB-Op(AX05): Alba 570 sorry, yes my Texas Ranger 696 is starting to drift also
        (18:28:01) CB-Op(AX05): I probably have so many radios cause they all seem to develop faults after using them for a while – then I pull another out while i fix it.
        (18:28:57) CB-Op(Ax240): Yeh its a Pain. Not Going To Retune Every Day.may Have To Get It Aligned Or Do It Myself When I Find Out More About It. Just Have To Use The President P400 Instead
        (18:31:40) CB-Op(AX05): OK – I have a Pres Washington on the bench just sorted out the TX signal – it was crap – for a friend of a family member
        (18:33:34) CB-Op(Ax240): I Still Have Sort My old uniden Washington Out Chaged The Finals Still On Power
        (18:33:34) CB-Op(AX05): it has come up pretty good after a extensive retune & alignment – Ken 570 loves them but said my Madison sounde much better
        (18:34:51) CB-Op(AX05): No Power? does the meter move at all or can you hear signal on nearby radio on same channel?
        (18:34:53) CB-Op(Ax240): No Power I Mean.fingers Going All Over The Place
        (18:35:54) CB-Op(Ax240): The Meter don’t Move good receive But
        (18:38:43) CB-Op(AX05): you need to test with another radio on same channel – tx into ant or dummy load and listen for any signal. you always get predriver signal at very minimum. It may not be finals by sound of it
        (18:40:07) CB-Op(AX05): plug in different mic maybe connection or amc?- does it have AM carrier sig?
        (18:40:41) CB-Op(Ax240): Yes I Am getting Some Power But Not Enough
        (18:41:06) CB-Op(AX05): but how much on AM & SSB Whistle?
        (18:42:15) CB-Op(AX05): what was the circumtsances of it stopping to TX?
        (18:43:42) CB-Op(Ax240): Only About 2 Watts By The Other Radio. It Just Slowly Died , That Was A Long Time Ago
        (18:47:13) CB-Op(AX05): and you fitted one final or the predriver as well with what transistors
        (18:54:01) CB-Op(Ax240): I Fitted 2 Finals Both Cs1969 One Should Have Been A Cs 2166.they Have 2 Different Finals. Do Know Enough.
        (18:55:24) CB-Op(AX05): hmm maybe the 1969 needs more drive so wont act as a low power in predriver – not sure on this but worth checking
        (18:56:30) CB-Op(AX05): did you reset bias? this would be important may be trial and error by ear
        (18:57:12) CB-Op(AX05): is it an 858 PLL same as this one i have?
        (18:59:20) CB-Op(Ax240): No haven’t Reset Bias .no Not 858.. Its Mb7819 Or Something Like That
        (19:02:01) CB-Op(AX05): ok – download all the info on it from net and try to check the bias curret should be 40 ma pre and 70ma final if same as this one but maybe needs different with using the 1969 as a pre – not sure if this is ok though -maybe try to get the orig trans for it
        (19:06:59) CB-Op(Ax240): Ok Will Do That Thanks Greg.
        (19:08:27) CB-Op(AX05): no worries mate – gota go to dinner cya
        (19:08:57) CB-Op(Ax240): I will Catch You Later. No Much Dx Happening At The moment, Hopefull Next Week.cya
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