AX Facebook Messenger AlphaXray Rooms

Facebook Messenger Room – AlphaXray Members – ONLY – Audio & Video in any Browser.

ONLY AX Members World Wide for general chat and DX alerts.

CLICK LINK Below – will open in new browser Tab. If not working go to the AX FB site and see what ROOMS are OPEN.


ZELLO Room – – OPEN – Audio & Video in any Browser.

– Any AX Members and guests World Wide for inquiries and general chat.

Guests do NOT need to be members on Facebook or AlphaXray to enter by invitation.

Please check in on the the Zello channel is available for members AlphaXrayCBRadioClub

so please put your AX number so we know who we are talking to.

Gerard Knott 43 AX 493 / VK4FABQ is always listening on the Zello channel, and we would like to see more members checking in.

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