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Please note ALL AX numbers are only negotiated and confirmed on the AX Facebook Group

Thank you and welcome to the Alpha Xray World Wide CB Radio Club established in 1973 in Melbourne Australia.

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AX Facebook Messenger AlphaXray Rooms

Facebook Messenger Room – AlphaXray Members – ONLY – Audio & Video in any Browser. ONLY AX Members World Wide for general chat and DX alerts. CLICK LINK Below – will open in new browser Tab. If not working go to the AX FB site and see what ROOMS are…

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AX Members ONLY Area Opened APR 2020

The new 2020 AX Members ONLY area is accessed from the website MENU. It is opened on the LOGIN Page and Members can Register using their Full AX Number with Country ID Prefix, ( e.g. 43AX05 Greg ) and First Name.

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AX 05 New CB Radio Project – PC122 into Icom IC701

Love my “Yellow Dotted” Uniden PC-122! The extensive audio and TX Audio component upgrades have transformed it into a serious DX CB Radio. The only thing that lets it down is the LED S/RF Meter! So having a un-reparable Icom IC-701 lying around I merged the the great meter and controls on the 701 with the PC-122 CB! AWESOME with the Kenwood MC-85 Microphone driving it to perfection!

Alpha Xray CB Club-2022-ALPHA-XRAY
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HOW AX Members Secure Register Login WORKS on

When you JOIN AX on Fb just message 43AX05 with your reason to get an AX number and Location also what radio callsign you usually use, to see if we can match it for your AX Number.

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AX Website world of PAIN! Problems SOLVED!

But the main AX website is now back online with some needed support from GoDaddy guy ‘Dave’.

AX Members HumHub with the AX Members MAP!
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Alpha Xray Members HumHub Community

Alpha Xray AX Members Only HumHub Website Built Feb 2023 AX Members only, but open to limited guest view in a FB style. WS – Welcome Space Your first sample space to discover the platform. 4 3 AX members – Australia Space for Australia AX Members includes all States…

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AX official members CERTIFICATE


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OK 2021 is up! Thank goodness we mostly got through it OK! Some great DX contacts out there over the last few months peaking in December. Thankfully it is usually this way in the Christmas period every year with a few sunspot peaks through the months leading up. The Alpha…