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CB Radio 11 Metre Band DXCC Division / Country Prefix Numbers

   CB RADIO 11 Metre Band DX #ID Number Division/Country Prefix Numbers   CB RADIO 11 Metre Band DX Alphabetical Division/Country Prefix Numbers   # ID PROVINCE or COUNTRY NAME   PROVINCE or COUNTRY NAME # ID   # ID NUMBER SORTED   ALPHABETICALLYSORTED            …

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DDRR Antenna for 40 Meters Ham Band Lesson for CB

A 40-10 Meter DDRR Antenna – a Lesson for Hams and CBers – Vertical & Horizontal Polarity. ‘DDRR’ means “Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator” antenna See for my other articles on CB DDRR Antennas HERE. This article was one of a few that gave me the impetus to build and design…

AX240 Madison 858PLL
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A Facelift For a President Madison 1st Gen by AX240

I recently brought this President Madison 1st generation CB Radio Base Station from ebay and as usual the clock didn’t work and the meters were sticking.

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AX05 Dual DDRR CB Radio antennas

From use this afternoon Sat 21st Nov 2015 the DX is HOT.

The Dual DDRR is now booming into Nth Western Australia as Craig Outback radio 31 confirms my 9+30db signal to him.

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CB Radio Global LIVE CHAT

Welcome to AX CB Radio Club Website Please say what is on your mind about CB Radio in the CB Radio Global Live Chat below. ADD THIS CHAT TO YOUR WEBSITE FREE SIMPLY BY AN IFRAME & expand the Radio Operator audience!! <p align=”center”><iframe src=”” name=”DX1″ width=”100%” height=”1000″></iframe></p> CB RADIO…

AX 240 President Washington CB Radio Base
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New President Washington CB radio at AX240 shack

I had to put a bid on this President Washington on ebay and now it’s at my shack. The Washington Base Station CB Radio SRF meter needle was sticky from sitting around in it’s original box for years but now it’s starting to bounce after a bit of work.

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AX240 Sirio 4 element yagi

AX240’s new Sirio 4 element Yagi Beam in Mt. Isa area

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Stoner Pro 40 CB Radio Story

The Stoner Pro 40 Manual tells the story of the one of the only CB Radios designed for SSB Single Side Band. The Stoner Pro 40 only has provision for integrating and controlling an AM Amplitude Modulation separate CB Radio. It is an interesting story from Donald Stoner, so I…