AX 240 President Washington CB Radio Base

New President Washington CB radio at AX240 shack

New President Washington CB radio at AX240 shack

I had to put a bid on this President Washington on ebay and now it’s at my shack.

The meter needle was sticky from sitting around in it’s original box for years but now it’s starting to bounce after a bit of work.




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3 thoughts on “New President Washington CB radio at AX240 shack

  1. Hey Daryl, is it a 858PLL model or a newer MB8719 PLL? What sort of power is it putting out? I will work well into your new 4 Element Sirio!! A bit of DX from up north today.

  2. Hey Greg, The radio has a MB7819 chip in it,that was the first thing I looked at when I opened it up, not to sure what power it is putting out as I need a good power meter, lookout ebay again. I had a quick Dx the other day so its getting out OK on the Imax 2000. I will probably put a turner plus 3 on it, that just arrived from the US and we will see how it goes. The 4 element sirio is amazing, so happy with it. I have the President P400 hooked up to it at the moment. Looking forward to a DX with you again and the other members soon.

    1. Awesome Daryl, great to hear it works well. I think the Turner +3 will certainly drive it to perfection, as my Turner SSK Super SideKick is great on the Madison which is almost the same PCB guts.

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