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Microphone Connector Chart For Hand Held Portable Radios

Handy Talkie Microphone Connector Chart Find The Connector For Your Hand held Portable Radio 3 K Kenwood Two Pin Right Angle 3.5mm Stereo + 2.5mm Mono Kenwood: TK-250/350, 260/360, 260G/360G, 270/370, 270G/370G, TK-3100(ProTalk), TK-3103(Free Talk XL), TK-3102(Pro Power), TK-2160/3160, TK-2170/3170, TL-3130(ProTalk XLS), 3131(Free Talk XLS), TK-2207/3307, TK-2317/3317, TK-3310, TK-2360/3360, NX220/320, NX240/340 Hytera: HYT TC-368 K2 Kenwood Multiple Pin Kenwood: TK-280, TK-290, TK-380, TK-385, TK-390, TK-480, TK-481, TK-2041, TK-2140, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-2180, TK-3180, NX-200, NX300 K4 Kenwood Single Pin Kenwood: PKT-23 M Motorola Two Pin Right Angle 3.5mm Mono + 2.5mm Mono Motorola: GP68, GP88, GP300, GP308, GP350, P040, P110, P1225,…

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Build CB 11metre 27MHz DDRR Quarter Wave Vertical Performance LOW Noise

This is the perfect STEALTH and Flat Iron Roof Antenna which has Low angle Mainly Verticle but some Horizontal Polarisation to help with DX contacts

Also as the main radiator is at ground potential the ambient noise level is way down compared to the Quarter wave whip!

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CB Radio Live Stream from Melbourne Victoria Australia 43Div

CB RADIO Channel #35 LSB – #38 LSB LIVE AUDIO FEED 24/7 from Melbourne Australia CB DXCC DIV43 by 43AX05

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Ultimate CB Radio – 43AX05

I have become interested in building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO – 43AX05 This based on an existing CB Base Station I have already that works well on TX & RX. The ubiquitous Uniden PC-122 Yellow Dotted HYBRID Icom IC-701 Building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO (43AX05) from my Uniden PC-122 Mobile CB radio built into an ICOM IC-701 Ham radio with all interior components removed. The PC-122 LED meter has been interfaced into the Icom IC701 large analogue meter and adjusted to read correctly. The Yellow Dotted PC-122 is a great performer with the Kenwood MC-85 Microphone which is a direct…

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CB Radio 11 Metre Band DXCC Division / Country Prefix Numbers

   CB RADIO 11 Metre Band DX #ID Number Division/Country Prefix Numbers   CB RADIO 11 Metre Band DX Alphabetical Division/Country Prefix Numbers   # ID PROVINCE or COUNTRY NAME   PROVINCE or COUNTRY NAME # ID   # ID NUMBER SORTED   ALPHABETICALLYSORTED             1 Italy   Abu-Ail & Jabal-At-Tair 292 2 United States of America   Afghanistan 234 3 Brazil   Agalega & St. Brandon Islands 243 4 Argentina   Aland Islands 212 5 Venezuela   Alaska 33 6 Colombia   Albania 251 7 Netherlands   Algeria 146 8 Peru   Andaman &…

AX240 Madison 858PLL
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A Facelift For a President Madison 1st Gen by AX240

I recently brought this President Madison 1st generation CB Radio Base Station from ebay and as usual the clock didn’t work and the meters were sticking.

AX 240 President Washington CB Radio Base
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New President Washington CB radio at AX240 shack

I had to put a bid on this President Washington on ebay and now it’s at my shack. The Washington Base Station CB Radio SRF meter needle was sticky from sitting around in it’s original box for years but now it’s starting to bounce after a bit of work.

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Stoner Pro 40 CB Radio Story

The Stoner Pro 40 Manual tells the story of the one of the only CB Radios designed for SSB Single Side Band. The Stoner Pro 40 only has provision for integrating and controlling an AM Amplitude Modulation separate CB Radio. It is an interesting story from Donald Stoner, so I have provided it below from the The Stoner Pro 40 Owners Manual. This is to illustrate the dedication of Donald Stoner to SSB as a CB Radio Mode of operation. As I have a Stoner Pro-40 that I bought from ebay I have been collecting info. See my (AX05’s) Stoner Pro-40…