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OK 2021 is up! Thank goodness we mostly got through it OK! Some great DX contacts out there over the last few months peaking in December. Thankfully it is usually this way in the Christmas period every year with a few sunspot peaks through the months leading up. The Alpha…

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AX Members ONLY Area Opened APR 2020

The new 2020 AX Members ONLY area is accessed from the website MENU. It is opened on the LOGIN Page and Members can Register using their Full AX Number with Country ID Prefix, ( e.g. 43AX05 Greg ) and First Name.

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Uniden President Madison 4th Gen CB Base Radio

Anyway I have a Kenwood MC-85 Radio Mic which I like, but have set it up to work on the TRAM D201 very well so didnt want to change it. So that left my trusty standby mic – the venerable Turner Super Sidekick in black which is setup with the four pin plug to work on the Stoner Pro-40 and the Texas Ranger 696 Base.

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RF Connector CB Radio Information

RF Connector Information BNC The BNC connector was developed in the late 1940’s as a miniature version of the Type C connector. BNC stands for Bayonet Neill Councilman and is named after Amphenol engineer Carl Councilman. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is achieved with only…

Alpha Xray AX CB 11 Metre DX Communications
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Hello CB Radio DX world!

ALPHA XRAY International Syndicate of Professional Citizens Band CB Radio Operators   The Alpha-Xray International Syndicate was created by a group of highly mobile and extremely powerful ( 200+ PEP Watts Please!!) stations that operated consistently on the one frequency since about 1973? We were gods!! Or so it seemed…