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Alpha Xray CB Club Origins 1973

Alpha Xray CB Radio Club – AX International Syndicate

The four individuals who started Alpha Xray CB Radio Club were AX-01 Bill, the mighty BIG Bull, AX-05 Greg, the Bellhopper, AX-07 Richard, the Fox, and last but certainly the least, AX-10 Ian, the Rootstar.

LHS-AX07-Rick-Fox-AX28-GrahamAX01-Bill-BigBull2022 September –

RIP 43AX07 Rick “The Fox”

Joins 43AX01 Bill “Big Bull” Co-founder in the sky.

Early image of Rick & Jan AX08 his xyl, Bill AX01 and AX28 Graham also now SK.





Many more joined Alpha Xray CB Club over time from all around the world.

It sounds funny now, but we ruled the Rat-Hole CB frequency with a vengeance and only nominated our AX CB callsigns to the best of the best operators.

The conditions were simple but the four of us had grown men near tears by not accepting them.

One I remember anyway!

Most others either swore to get us, or joined to make the Alpha-Xray CB syndicate unbreakable.
Because we only accepted the most powerful cb radio stations that were able to get on the sub frequencies, the new members were technically up with getting out the best. These members naturally were able to DX and spread the membership world wide to other similar cb radio stations.
While all of us were avid dx’ers on CB radio frequencies we all wanted to talk to other CBers overseas in normal conversations unlike the usual QSO’s of yeah your 5/9 and I am running a SUPERWHIZBANG CB what are you running? Yeah thats great.. 73’s and goodbye.

Which is well and fine if your JUST DX’ing!

No, We wanted to chat about whatever, and the only way to do that was have a virtual private channel, and a system of other cbers not realising when we were chatting to CB DX stations if they listened in on the Rat-Hole.

Many a good time was had by all as we spoke to CB DX Alpha-Ray International Syndicate stations with the band wide open, but if you went up to the other SSB channels there was no CB DX to be heard.

The Good Buddies were asleep or sandbagging mostly.

Its now April 2014 and the bands are opening again with the solar flares and sunspots working the DX on the 11 metre 27 MHz Citizens Band is getting hot.

If YOU get tired of JUST DX’ing – Hello/Goodbye, then maybe we had better get together in the AlphaXray CB Club Rat-Hole and have a good old fashioned chat some time soon.

YES, FIVE IS STILL ALIVE!   Can YOU cut it as an Alpha Xray CB Club Member?

The White AMC Rambler Hornet was my car when we started the AX International Syndicate CB Club, shown here up in the mountains on a Alpha-Xray cb club eyeball. I will try to find the missing parts of the image and others on the day. SO it was not much longer when I had the Hornet repainted and fitted with my new AX005 registration number plates! I was keen!

ramhornet10  ramhornet6ramhornet4

ALL original AX Members Reinstated on proof of original Number with correct Name.


RIP 43AX07 Rick “The Fox” good-buddy CB call before he got his Ham ticket.

Joins 43AX01 Bill “Big Bull” Co-founder in the sky. Some early images of Rick & Jan AX08 his xyl, Bill AX01 and AX28 Graham also now SK.LHS-43AX28-SK-Graham-43AX07-SK-Rick-Wife-43AX08-JanFrom Left – 43AX28 Graham, 43AX07 Rick, and his XYL 43AX08 Jan.

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