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AX Website world of PAIN! Problems SOLVED!

But the main AX website is now back online with some needed support from GoDaddy guy ‘Dave’.

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AX 05 New CB Radio Project – PC122 into Icom IC701

Love my “Yellow Dotted” Uniden PC-122! The extensive audio and TX Audio component upgrades have transformed it into a serious DX CB Radio. The only thing that lets it down is the LED S/RF Meter! So having a un-reparable Icom IC-701 lying around I merged the the great meter and controls on the 701 with the PC-122 CB! AWESOME with the Kenwood MC-85 Microphone driving it to perfection!

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Build CB 11metre 27MHz DDRR Quarter Wave Vertical Performance LOW Noise

This is the perfect STEALTH and Flat Iron Roof Antenna which has Low angle Mainly Verticle but some Horizontal Polarisation to help with DX contacts

Also as the main radiator is at ground potential the ambient noise level is way down compared to the Quarter wave whip!

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Ultimate CB Radio – 43AX05

I have become interested in building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO – 43AX05 This based on an existing CB Base Station I have already that works well on TX & RX. The ubiquitous Uniden PC-122 Yellow Dotted HYBRID Icom IC-701 Building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO (43AX05) from my Uniden PC-122 Mobile…

Radio Scanner AOR SR2000
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Scanner Data Decoding by Discriminator output

Discriminator output Decoding from Radio Frequency Scanners. The Discriminator output from a scanner is the raw, unfiltered signal that a scanner produces before it is sent to the audio stage for output through the speaker — also called the “baseband audio.” This discriminator source is required for applications such as…

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Telstra 3G Broadband Problems 3G42WT Modem

Of course after this the Telstra SIM started to work at full signal strength in the XOOM on 3g sitting on my desk. The bloody 3g Modems will not get more than one bar lowest strength anywhere from roof to floor level and the tower is about 500m away at most.

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DDRR Antenna for 40 Meters Ham Band Lesson for CB

A 40-10 Meter DDRR Antenna – a Lesson for Hams and CBers – Vertical & Horizontal Polarity. ‘DDRR’ means “Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator” antenna See for my other articles on CB DDRR Antennas HERE. This article was one of a few that gave me the impetus to build and design…

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AX05 Dual DDRR CB Radio antennas

From use this afternoon Sat 21st Nov 2015 the DX is HOT.

The Dual DDRR is now booming into Nth Western Australia as Craig Outback radio 31 confirms my 9+30db signal to him.