Ultimate CB Radio – 43AX05

I have become interested in building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO – 43AX05

This based on an existing CB Base Station I have already that works well on TX & RX.

The ubiquitous Uniden PC-122 Yellow Dotted HYBRID Icom IC-701

Building the ULTIMATE CB RADIO (43AX05) from my Uniden PC-122 Mobile CB radio built into an ICOM IC-701 Ham radio with all interior components removed. The PC-122 LED meter has been interfaced into the Icom IC701 large analogue meter and adjusted to read correctly. The Yellow Dotted PC-122 is a great performer with the Kenwood MC-85 Microphone which is a direct plugin that works! But I want MORE! I want a visual display of realtime operation of the audio and RF inputs and outputs! I will use two 10″ Tablet computers mounted on top of the 701 Speaker/Power Supply and the IC-701 Transceiver. They both fit fairly well and look part of the radio system and will be better than an ICOM IC 7300 display.


I want to add the latest means of actually viewing the RF and Audio on a computer screen LCD display similar to many latest Amateur radio transceivers similar to the ICOM IC-7300.


I dont know enough to realise this cant be done, so I will endeavour to achieve it by whatever means necessary. In the age of the Internet & Google, surely there must be a way to build an interface box between the CB Radio & a computer to do this while leaving the CB unmodified from a legal perspective.

With a combination of Tablet computers and SDR technology I probably can get the best results. I have a few old Tablets around that will sit on top of the ICOM IC701 and matching Power Supply and Speaker Box. There is a few restrictions to overcome but I am sure I can get it all working ok like I want.


The Audio Display will be on The Icom IC701 Speaker Box displaying various audio screens as above

 The SDR driven TX/RX display fits well on the top of the IC-701 Icom Tranceiver modified with my Uniden PC-122 that has been supertuned by Yellow Dot – a ham called Ian Barlow in Adelaide South Australia who is an expert in CB tuning for perfect operation on TX & RX. Mine loves the Kenwood MC-85 Microphone.

HELP WANTED!! I need the help of an experienced radio tech to work out the precise interface points in a Uniden PC-122 (the 43AX05 ULTIMATE CB Radio) to attach the Audio In/Out & RF In/Out monitoring to go to the Audio Input of one Tablet PC & the SDR Antenna to the second Tablet PC.

Audio Tablet #1 Monitor will display the various Audio waveforms that are freely available as apps in the Google Store online.

The tablet I have has only a mic built in with no sound in jack so I may use a Bluetooth earpiece to input the audio but prefer not to use this method if I can avoid it. RF Tablet #2 Monitor will be running the SDR# app with a USB DVB-T RTL232 dongle to display the RF spectrum on RX & TX in an attenuated form from two separate taps I think. A direct RX tap and a parralel attenuated tap on TX of the PC-122.

If you can contribute to this 43AX05 ULTIMATE CB Radio Project please tell me on   here.


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