AX05 Dual DDRR CB Radio antennas

Quarter Wave Stainless Steel Whip replaced with second DDRR 90 Degrees Co-Phased.

‘DDRR’ means Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator antenna

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I have been wondering if I could improve on my signals to the USA by running a second DDRR instead of the rear 1/4 Wave Whip in the Co-Phased 90 degree out of Phase array on my roof.


Below is a shot of the original Mag wheel I had my 9 foot Whip on which is clamped to the iron roof and now removed and the Array Coax 90 degree Trailing Phase fly lead PL259 is reconnected into the new DDRR antenna.

Table 4


From use this afternoon Sat 21st Nov 2015 the CB radio DX is HOT.

The Dual DDRR CB Radio Antenna array is now booming into Nth Western Australia as Craig Outback radio 31 confirms my 9+30db signal to him.


This is NOT the direction I want to go so I may have to realign the array the opposite way to get to the USA. Although it is probably good for Europe at the moment.

Barracuda-Base Antenna Beam

Below is some watergate on the Aussie DX booming across Australia on my Uniden PC-122 Mobile CB Radio built into a ICOM IC-710 HAM Radio Case using the 701 Meter and controls.

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