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CB Forums for AX Members with GUEST VIEW

We have implemented a new Forum for for AX Members to post only. Can be viewed by any visitors to the AX website. Archive for forum Topics Topics2016-06-14T18:49:57+00:00   Search for: Alpha-Xray CB Radio Club Information › Forums Viewing 7 topics – 1 through 7 (of 7 total)  …

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New AX Forums created today

Not sure how many different radio and car forums I have created over the years building websites, some well trafficked and others hacked, some not. I have put this CB Radio one up because as this Alpha Xray CB Radio Club site is new in 2015, I thought maybe any…

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AX Members MAP

Great to see Daryl from QLD Australia now registered as AX240! Welcome to the Alpha Xray International Syndicate also known now as “AlphaXray CB Radio Club” for google fodder! LOL [gmw form=”results”] [gmw form=”1″ name=”form_id_1″] [gmw map=”1″ name=”form_id_1″] [gmw map=”2″ name=”form_id_2″]  

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DAK MK IX CB Radio Rebuild to SSB Super Lion

I have always wanted a DAK CB Radio Base! Just like the Tram D201 Tube based CB Radio Base Station that I bought on ebay without looking closely at how many channels it had (23), – I jumped at “Buying Now” on ebay a DAK MK IX!   Yes it…

AX CB Radio Club -AXIS
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Alpha Xray CB Radio Responsive Website Rebuild

The Latest Responsive Website rebuild for the AX CB Radio Club will give CB radio Operators the opportunity to monitor the website from their mobile phones or tablets with the website reformatting to suit the browser in use. This will also mean the view on a normal PC or Laptop…

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RF Connector CB Radio Information

RF Connector Information BNC The BNC connector was developed in the late 1940’s as a miniature version of the Type C connector. BNC stands for Bayonet Neill Councilman and is named after Amphenol engineer Carl Councilman. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is achieved with only…

Alpha Xray AX CB 11 Metre DX Communications
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Hello CB Radio DX world!

ALPHA XRAY International Syndicate of Professional Citizens Band CB Radio Operators   The Alpha-Xray International Syndicate was created by a group of highly mobile and extremely powerful ( 200+ PEP Watts Please!!) stations that operated consistently on the one frequency since about 1973? We were gods!! Or so it seemed…

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