Phillips FM1000

AX05 Phillips FM1000 UHF 40 Channel Cb Radio from ebay

AX05 Phillips FM1000 UHF 40 Channel Cb Radio from ebay

On offer is a Phillips FM1000 UHF Cb radio
Operates from 476.425 to 477.400
With 5 watts of power on low and also has high
Radio works very well very nice rx and transmit had a few radio checks and all state sounds good
Comes with mike and power cord and speaker that is it
Had a look at his Video and it seemed to be working OK, so decided to make a token bid as it looked a bit tatty. It also has repeater and channel scan modes programmed in which make it better to use.
Phillips FM1000
Did not think I would end up with it for $75 all up as i think it is worth a bit more than that but happy to try to clean it up and put it to use on UHF CB. Will check out trying to get it reprogrammed with 80 legal UHF channels soon. If you can do this please contact me on this website contact form.

More to come soon as I get it in my hands!  

*JULY 2016
OK I have it, got it a week later which is fine, and VERY WELL PACKAGED! Thank you!
Also comparatively in better cosmetic condition than I expected by the ebay image!
I got to work on it with some great face cleaning wipes from my wife’s collection and it polished up pretty well. (ONLY use Nivea brand!)
Have not had a chance to power it up yet but will do soon.

OK- Feb 2019 – Works well!

Have used the Phillips connected to a 6db Mobile white whip about ten feet above the garage with Heliax LMR400 and it booms out with always excellent audio reports on the standard hand mic. I usually like to upgrade to a desk mic but this one works so well I will retain it.

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