AX Website world of PAIN! Problems SOLVED!

OK, the main AX website is now working ok after a lot of issues after the retracing our steps from A2 Hosting back to GoDaddy hosting and running backups. Always frought with danger even with backups as the original hosting details are embedded in places that can cause problems on the new host. But the main AX website is now back online with some needed support from GoDaddy guy ‘Dave’.

The problem is though the original ‘’ website has crashed and burned so to speak because of technical requirements that cant be met on the host without drama in the database configuration. Have backup but reluctant to re-install after doing MySQL upgrade to 5.7 Maria DB that may kill the main AX site which is now working.

Anyway hope some of you look in here occasionally and support the Sponsors to make all the work worthwhile… 73.

Author: 43AX05