OK 2021 is up! Thank goodness we mostly got through it OK!

Some great DX contacts out there over the last few months peaking in December.

Thankfully it is usually this way in the Christmas period every year with a few sunspot peaks through the months leading up.

The Alpha Xray International Syndicate (CB Radio Club) has been increasing with some new FB AX Members with some applying for AX Official Numbers including international.

We thank all who have decided to join, and note that the 50 Year Anniversary is this 2022. Not sure the official date unfortunately as lost in the mists of time. (If you can remember, let us know!)

We have been busy behind the scenes of the website with the new Private AX Members online section –

https://members.alphaxray.info **If you have a AX Number and need access FB PM 43AX05

Only way into our Private AX Members online section is by being an authorised AX Number Member organised by contact with 43AX05 Greg (me) or Gerard 43AX493 both admins on our official Facebook Page.

Our Online website https://alphaxray.info is not able to be joined for security.

The only way for prospective AX members to achieve an official AX Number is via our FB CHAT ROOM on our Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlphaXrayCBRadioClub/

AS original members know, the “RATHOLE” is 26.995 or CH# 3A!
Author: 43AX05 Greg

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