What to do with an AM Only Dwight D?

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      I did it again! Jumped in on a buy it now President Dwight D. CB Radio on ebay!

      Photo’s looked like a President Madison with an 858 PLL and I did not think to confirm it was SSB on those 40 + Channels!


      Although it does have extras, not sure why on an AM CB?

      So… what to do with it?

      Any Suggestions? My options as I see them:-

      Leave AS IS – standard 40Ch AM & FM (modified in it) – 

      Maybe fit Frequency Counter Display & 240VAC PC P/S replacing 110VAC US P/S

      Or rip the guts out of it like others I have done and…

      • Build in 240VAC Mini PC Power Supply for 12V DC &
      • FREQUENCY Counter in Place of CLOCK (Mech)
      • Insert Mobile SSB HF CB Radio I have spare – PC122 / Ferris 5000/ SBE 587 / 
      • Insert Mobile FM UHF CB Radio – Sawtron 880 /other
      • Rewire Mobiles to front panel knobs & Twin Meters

      What would you do??


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