Almost done…


Thank you for joining to Alpha Xray (International Syndicate) CB Radio Club!


It really means a lot to us! You are just one step away from becoming an AX CB Club member so here’s what you need to do to get fully approved (I wish this could be easier…)


1) Go to your email box


Go to your email box that you entered while signing up. There should be an email from (hopefully!). If not, wait 5 minutes or check your “spam” folder. Sometimes the good emails tend to get lost…



2) Subscribe


Once you opened the AX email, you should click the “Confirm Subscription” button.


Done! Once you confirm your email, you’re all set.

You’ll gain access to the website, and you can get started listing your FaceBook Page, Twitter Name and any other information on your Radio Hobby!

Hopefully we will QSO soon if the band opens to your QTH!

Greg 43AX05