Collaborate with my Dxpedition trip to Colombia 3AX1400 Martin 2017 Nov.

Dear friend, I am writing this short letter, to invite you to be part of my next 11m DX project.

In the month of November 2017 I will be in the country of Colombia and I want to repeat the multi group radio experience.


What are the multi?

The multi group were born with the idea of “winning” to the bad propagation of the last years…

The method is very simple, it is activated with the CALL MULTI DX and in this way, each station that is in the LOG, has the right to request QSL from the group that likes most or from all the participating groups, that way with a single contact Several QSLs are secured.

This experience has already been put on the air, with great success in several opportunities you can see more information in these websites.

Dxpedition MULTI 67 Division PARAGUAY

Dxpedition MULTI 61 Division Ecuador

Dxpedition MULTI IOTA 3 Division Brasil

Dxpedition MULTI 6 Division Colombia

As you can see each group has its manager and is independent

With time what is valued is to have in hand a QSL of the division,

Nobody remembers the call call in a short cluster, but if you will always have the QSL of your group.

Then upload to facebook or the internet, promoting the radio group forever.

So far these groups have already confirmed their presence, for the new edition of Multi Dxpedition in Colombia “6MULTI / DX2” the groups are: MEX, LR, CR, MW, CR, PAS, RC, TS.

Do not stay outside, this is your moment !!

I need your confirmation as soon as possible to set up the Dxpedition web site and promotion logo.

Anyway, this information will be released days before arriving in Colombia, to avoid problems with Ham Radio. That is why it is important to keep it secret until the month of November.

Finally, I also want to invite you to collaborate with my Dxpedition trip to Colombia to the Paypal account [email protected]

Your contribution is voluntary and it is not obligatory to participate or not of the project.

Clarifying that the money is only to pay more hotel nights (more days to call CQ Dx in Colombia), a dinner, some inconvenience…

The Dxpedition is almost 90% solved (the plane tickets are confirmed and I will depart on November 10 Sao Paulo Brazil to Bogota Colombia).

Waiting for your group to join this new MULTI COLOMBIA, demonstrating union and peace with all the groups that make up the family of eleven meters.

Being part of an innovative proposal, trying to beat the bad spread.

I take this opportunity to greet you and wish you the best for you and your family.

3AX1400 Martin

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